Note to self

I've realised that I have had my blog running for over 8 years now, in fact it might be coming up to 9 years.

It has  followed me through many journeys and also missed other important ones. This has been my personal blog. I don't expect others to read it, I don't use it for advertising, it's my space to write my thoughts.

Now that I'm a new mother I have more things to post about and hope to help other mummy's but again this is my personal space and I don't work for anyone and am giving my personal opinions and experience.

I will continue to share recipe's and write about my trips and keep this blog going even if it gets deserted for months on end. I will try and be consistent with my posts however it can be hard as my brain is pretty weak lately. Sleep deprivation being the main cause.

Hopefully in a few months I'll be slightly better in terms of sleep yet I'm sure there will be other things on my mind to cause me to forget to write.

Fingers crossed or fingers to the keyboard!!

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