9 months + 4 months summed up

It's so crazy to see that my last post was a year ago. I didn't know I my life was about to change in so many ways. For a while I wanted to become a mother and I had been trying and by the end of January last year I found out my wish had come true and that I was expecting.

It was a whirlwind pregnancy as there was constant changes to my life. Just before I found out I was pregnant, my partner and I moved house. We finally got out of Carmel area in Barcelona. We were there for a good few years and I was unhappy where I was. It wasn't a pleasant area. Our neighbours were not very friendly and the area in itself was uncomfortable. Hills that looked like the tips of a roller coaster which made it impossible to go for walks are do a decent shop.

So, we moved to the centre. A perfect location for a young and active couple. We moved in to an old building which had  no lift but we were in middle of the hustle and bustle, in under 10 minutes I would be in the centre or at work so the sacrifice or walking up and downstairs was worth it, until I started to get the symptoms.

Considering I was looking for this pregnancy as soon as i had any symptoms I knew I'd might be pregnant. I waited the full week and followed all instructions. I was nervous the night I bought the pregnancy and waited till the next morning to take the test as that was when results were more accurate.
I was up at 6 am peeing onto the stick, nervous and trying not to get my hopes up.
The lines showed and that was it...i was pregnant. I couldn't believe it but then my next worry was that the pregnancy goes well. So many things ran through my mind. Shall I tell my family? Should I tell my partner? What if I miscarriage? What will he or she look like? How shall I break the news?

After coming to terms to these news, I had to tell my partner. He didn't express himself much, but then again he doesn't normally. He hid himself under the covers and I left him to digest the news.

I had to go to work and that's it. I couldn't keep it a secret any longer so I called my mum straight away. The first thing I said was "What do you think of the name Jason?". This was the question she asked me when I discovered she was pregnant with my sister. She got very excited about being a grandmother. To be honest my whole family were overwhelmed. There was no child in the immediate family and this was a blessing for my aunt as well as my mum as she feels like a second mother to me.

Last year was like a baby boom with my surrounding friends or acquaintances. friends or friends of friends were either pregnant or had just become parents so it really helped with some doubts during the pregnancy, but the best thing I was recommended was the Baby centre APP. It sends you notifications on how your pregnancy is going, comparing your foetus to different sized vegetables. You could take photos and read about your progress. It was really useful for me as I need to read everything online, even when I have a cold.

My pregnancy wasn't incredibly awful but it wasn't great either. I had ALL the typical symptoms which was hard for me to go to work. It changed my way of seeing my life. I was used to waking up at 5 am to go to work and I was working up to 12 hours a day. I was living well financially but I was weighing 42 kg and for my height that is exceptionally low. That is when I decided to prioritise my life. I was no longer able to work so many hours a day without any time for eating if I wanted to give birth to a healthy baby.
I cut down my work hours and focused on living healthily. I stopped being a Vegan but continued being a vegetarian and eating fish and very occasionally I had to eat meat when  I would go to my family's home out of respect (this can be explained further in a future post). I quit smoking and drinking and ate well. I managed to gain 12 kilos and looked and felt great.

Because I was living in the centre of Barcelona my family were not too happy with the fact I lived in a block that had no lift, which would mean problems with the push chair and me walking up and down the stairs with an extra 12 kg of weight. My aunt tried to persuade me to move and we started to look for flats. I must admit I wasn't up for moving again in such a short time span and I knew it wouldn't be easy to find something so quickly and all I wanted to do was chill and enjoy my pregnancy.

My aunt insisted on finding us a place and she succeeded. She is a determined person and gets what she wants and she did it again for us. She found us an amazing place in El Prat, close to her and other family and it was a place we could buy. Again, I wasn't up for moving out of Barcelona  but I realised it would be the best thing for us to go as a family. It met all the requirements too. I wanted minimum 3 rooms and a terrace and we got the 4 rooms, a large balcony and a large living room space and it had a lot of light. It was perfect for what we wanted.  Everything was falling into place. All the paperwork and move was very swift.

We moved when I was 6 months pregnant and we managed to do a lot before baby was born. We decorated the flat and managed to refurbish our bathroom. It was all a very exciting yet stressful move as my hormones were all over the place, i had a room to decorate and a flat to organise before my baby was born and I didn't think it would be possible.

Fortunately it was and not even a week before my baby was born I was sanding down my pallets trying to finish my terrace for the baby shower.
So, it was literally all done in time. My in-laws even managed to arrive on time as I went into labour the night after collecting them from the airport.
It was as if everything was smoothly timed.
I then gave birth to my son, Nakoa. He is the most amazing thing that could happen to me and I know it's so cliché saying you don't know what it is till you give birth to your child but my goodness.
I knew I had a lot of love in me, but I didn't think it was bigger than that, and all for this little person.

We have now arrived to my son being almost 5 months old and my life has changed so much.
This time last year I had just found out i was pregnant, I moved twice. I got Engaged!!! I had a son and now i'm living the next chapter of my life called motherhood. I want to share how this experience is going for me and want to share places I go to incase there are any mothers out there looking for ideas.

My blog is going to change in terms of topics but I tend to continue posting recipe's I've learnt and trips I have taken.
I will shortly do a post of my engagement trip last year and other exciting things.

I must say it is so good to be back writing. It is the best way to let it all out. Doesn't matter if it is read ever or not. So, I urge you to write as well,

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