Organising myself

 I am a mother of a 7 month old boy who I absolutely adore. I'm also a language teacher on a break until baby goes to nursery. I am very active and social, I do many activities and sometimes I do too much. There are times where I also lack energy and need to have time to myself which means by myself and nowadays that can be very difficult now that I have someone under my wing.
I know it is important to separate my roles but not myself and I feel I can do things if I don't over do them. However sometimes it's hard because I sometimes forget I can't always control situations and I that multi tasking isn't always a good thing. Being organised is the way forward. Not overloading oneself and feeling exhausted due to doing so much.
We have one life and need to enjoy each aspect of it. Who is going to remember doing chores?
You need to do things that make you wake up and go sleep feeling grateful to be alive.
You woke up today.

That's why I am finally writing, I have managed to have some alone time while my partner and son are out for a walk.
Despite them leaving me to "rest", i'm still cooking dinner and washing up dishes in between thinking of making myself a relaxing "cuppa" tea and finding time to start writing something and hopefully finish off one of my posts properly. I think today is the day!

I want to try to organise my blog as well. I will continue my posts but I have a new role to include, which is, motherhood.

My main posts will be separated into sections:

  • Motherhood - Experiences and any advice that works for me.

  • Art - I have a creative side and like to share some of it when I have the chance. I like to write poetry, take photos, to hand craft and restore furniture with the help of my aunt. My instagram has a lot of posts on photo's and other poets works and quotes if you want to follow me its miss_carla_yorkston
  • I like to do yoga, snowboarding, skating as well as other activities like going swimming. I'm not very sporty though, I do these for fun occasionally. I will most probably share stuff to this too.
  • I would also love to try writing short stories but that is an ongoing struggle as they never leave my head.
  • I'm a real Foodie and I will share my quick and easy recipe's with you. I try to be as vegan friendly as possible as my intention is to one day become a full vegan.
  • Travelling is one of my dreams which I try to live at least once a year with a different location. The world is so big and there is so much to see, but sometimes we forget what is in our own towns or cities, My posts will be about local events and when I go abroad too. 

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